Apex Helicopters helping fight fire

My home was right next to this fire.  I want to thank you for helping put this fire out.  So scarey and so blessed by all of you!!!

Apex Helicopters has specialized in the aerial application of water and chemical retardants on forest fires using helicopters. Apex’s current heavy-lift helicopter fleet consists of a range of helicopters. Water buckets are matched to each helicopters’ external lift capabilities, randing from hundreds of gallos to fight small fires, to thousands of gallon buckets to counter more demanding tasks.

In addition to filling from traditional water sources such as lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans, water buckets can be filled from shallow streams and ponds. Slung 200-feet below the helicopter, Apex’s highly experienced pilots are able to access tree-lined streams and ponds, backyard swimming pools, or other restricted-access water sources. Additionally, if no deep water is immediately available, pilots can dip from portable dip tanks which are easily filled by pumping water from nearby shallow streams.

In the end, as fires rages on US West Coast, Apex Helicopters with its highly experienced team of pilots is always on guard, ready to fight the fires, even as the weather and season changes from one with fires, to christmas tree harvest season.

2 Minnesota helicopters, crew dispatched to Washington fire

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed an emergency executive order Friday to send two Blackhawk helicopters and 14 associated personnel to help battle wildfires in Washington State.

The Minnesota National Guard Helicopters will be there for up to 15 days. A Minnesota DNR helicopter operations manager will also be with the National Guard during the time in Washington. The order is part of the interstate mutual aid compact.

According to the Minnesota State Incident Command Center in Grand Rapids, at least 279 personnel from Minnesota have been dispatched to western states including Washington and California to help fight wildfires.

That includes firefighters, EMTs, volunteers and people connected to the Minnesota incident response network. Crews from Minnesota are continuing work in the West on shifts.

Washington is coming off a 2014 wildfire season where it saw the largest wildfire in state history last summer, the Carlton Complex fire. That fire burned more than 250,000 acres in Okanogan County which is the same area in where massive wildfires are burning this year and three firefighters lost their lives.

There are around 300,000 acres of land burning in Washington right now in several different fires. Dozens of homes have been lost in Central and Eastern Washington due to the fires which have been fueled by abnormally dry conditions and high winds.

Oregon Becomes No. 1 Wildfire Fighting Priority

As wildfires continue to spread, officials say the state’s resources are stretched thin. Oregon is the No. 1 national priority, said Koshare Eagle with the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center.

“We have a limited number of resources, and all of the resources are 100 percent engaged and committed on these incidents,” said Eagle. Apexheli is working on the forefront of wildfire fighting.

The Cornet and Windy Ridge fires south of Baker City have lost resources as crews move to higher priority blazes: the El Dorado Fire southeast of Unity in Baker County and Canyon Creek Complex near Canyon City in Grant County.

For the Canyon Creek Complex, Gov. Kate Brown has announced a conflagration declaration, which authorizes the state fire marshal to mobilize other firefighters and equipment to assist local resources.

“Preventing additional fires is of the utmost importance and all Oregonians need to be aware of regulations prohibiting camp fire and power-driven equipment,” said Brown in a statement. “This is the time for every Oregonian to be tuned in to fire prevention and fire awareness.”

Interstate 84 and U.S. Highway 26 were both closed Friday. I-84 was reopened later in the evening, according to the Oregon State Police.

The interstate was also closed for several hours Thursday as some residents were forced to immediately evacuate. High winds, low humidity and hot temperatures in recent days contributed to the fires’ rapid growth.

That growth has been problematic for fire crews across the state, who have few extra resources to tap.

“Nationally, there are no more trained fire crews in the system that are shown available,” said Eagle. “That’s true of air tankers and engines as well.”


Apex Recently Provided Aerial Platform for 1859 Magazine to Cover a Story on “72 Hours in Florence Oregon”

In April Apex Helicopters was privileged to have the opportunity to work with 1859 Magazine (https://www.1859oregonmagazine.com/) ; to cover a story on “72 Hours In Florence- On the Ground and In the Air.”


Writer, Felisa Rogers (http://felisarosarogers.weebly.com/), and photographer Tim LaBarge (http://timlabarge.com/) contacted Apex and asked if we could get them in the air to see everything Florence, Oregon has to offer. Of course we were happy to oblige. In under an hour we were able to cover all of the inter-coastal valleys, the shoreline from Cape Perpetua to Winchester Bay (yes we saw whales), all 17 of the freshwater lakes around Florence and of course the Old Town Florence River Front and Port. Tim and Felisa were then able to take their trip to the ground after truly knowing all of what Florence has to offer.

Here are some of the great photos of Florence, taken that day:


To read the story visit Apex on Facebook or click the following link. For your own tour of Florence or for experienced and professional aerial photography/cinematography platform call 541-997-3270.

Apex Helicopters Opens Satellite Operation in Sisters, Oregon at Sisters, Eagle Airport

In order to better serve our existing customers and make our services more available to customers on the East side of the Cascade Mountains Apex Helicopters has opened a Satellite operation in Sisters, Oregon. This new location makes mobilization to projects more timely and cost effective.

Since moving to Oregon in 2011 Apex Helicopters has quickly become one of the go to helicopter operators for private and public sector work. Apex has gained this reputation because it provides customers top quality aircraft, responsive customer service and highly experienced pilots.

“This is by far the best flying nicest Jetranger we have flown in.” (Wildlife Biologist)

We have you guys back every year because we know you’ll be here all season every day ready to work from dawn to dusk; we never worry about you being down for maintenance.” (Willamette Valley Tree Farmer)

Apex Helicopters will be providing its full line of commercial helicopter services from the Sisters, Oregon location including aerial charter, aerial lift services, aerial survey (utility and wildlife) aerial film and photo and of course our first class aerial tours. For a full list of services visit www.apexheli.com

Apex is certified by the FAA to conduct Part 133 external load, part 135 aerial charter, part 137 aerial application. Please call if you have any questions 541-997-3270.

Stay tuned for details on tour routes.

Apex Awarded Aerial Lift Work for Spencer Butte Trail Project- Eugene, Oregon


Apex Helicopters is excited to announce that it will be providing aerial lift services for the Spencer Butte Trail Project to Oregon Woods of Eugene, Oregon. Oregon Woods was recently awarded the project by the City of Eugene. The project is scheduled to start April 1, 2015 and be completed by July 31, 2015. Stay tuned for updates. See below for recent Eugene City Announcement. http://registerguard.com/rg/news/local/32870083-75/story.csp

Christmas Tree & Fir Bough Season 2014

Apex Helicopters looks forward to Christmas Tree Harvest and Fir Bough Season every year and we are always excited when another successful season is complete.

boughs 4

And the 2014 season will stack up as one to remember between the freezing rain, cold wet weather and compressed season it had its challenges. However, we were able to finish another season with zero down time due to aircraft maintenance all while operating each aircraft between 200 and 300 hours apiece and hauling 1 million pounds of boughs and over 450,000 trees.

boughs 8

Apex prides itself on the quality of its crew from fuel truck drivers to mechanics and pilots. In addition to having an outstanding customer base and thorough pre-season planning it allows for the busy harvest season to  be completed safely and efficiently.

Quick season videos- Tree Swinging & Christmas Tree Hooker Cam

Apex Secures Exclusive Rights to Osprey Pole Top Imaging System

Apex Helicopters is proud to be the exclusive provider of the Osprey Pole-Top Imaging System, a method of airborne comprehensive line inspection that is safer, faster, and more cost effective than traditional methods. Apex Helicopters can provide high resolution, geospatial photographic assessment of transmission and distribution networks that layers seamlessly into open source GIS software.

  • High standoff – 500 feet from wires
  • Efficient production– 400+ structures per day
  • Safer flight profile– fly outside the line environment
  • High resolution images – features such as bolts and ties can be easily resolved
  • Photos linked to assets – multiple photos captured of asset and spatially linked to that asset
  • Fault reporting back to client – using client’s data input format and fault codes

For more information visit www.apexheli.com/index.php/commercial-operations/aerial-imagining or download our brochure- APEX_Osprey_Brochure