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About Us


Apex was originally founded in 2007 in Bozeman, MT primarily as a flight school. Apex from day one had the philosophy that the industry needed to provide more scenario based training for students to help alleviate the large discrepancy between training and the “real world.” While in Bozeman Apex expanded to provide scenic tours, aerial photography and film. In 2010 Apex underwent many changes; current owner Byron DeVries moved the company to Oregon where Apex saw a need for professional aerial service and an opportunity to provide a fun and exciting experience for people visiting the Oregon Coast.

It has and always will be Apex’s philosophy to provide quality safe service to its customers. To accomplish this Apex prides itself on maintaining top of the line aircraft and equipment to eliminate downtime and provide the safest platform possible. This has proven a success as Apex frequently flies more hours during a season more efficiently helping Apex customers finish their projects on-time and within budget.

The strategic business move coupled with top of the line equipment and some of the best pilots in the industry have proven to be a success as Apex continues to grow in the aviation industry.