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Apex Helicopters has come to rely on the versatile Bell product line of aircraft.

This allows us to provide the customer with the right platform for your flight or project needs.


Bell Jet Ranger 206BIII

The turbine powered Jet Ranger is capable of higher altitude and payload limits when the customer needs a little additional room and power. The Jet Ranger really has become the utility truck of the helicopter industry; it is dependable, efficient and successful in almost any platform.

          • Passenger Seats                  4
          • Payload / Luggage Area       Medium
          • Internal Payload Maximum   1300 lbs
          • External Payload Maximum  1500 lbs



Our current fleet is maintained under the comprehensive Part 135 FAA maintenance program.

In addition to basic maintenance requirements, this means that our maintenance staff complies with our drug and alcohol policies and all recommended maintenance service items and inspections are mandatory.



All aircraft are subject to performance and payload limitations based on any given altitude and temperature condition. Please inquire with an Apex Pilot when planning your flight or project quote for accurate capabilities.

The payload figures depicted here represent the structural maximum load the aircraft can lift at sea level on an average day not including pilot, fuel or required equipment.