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Aerial Survey


The helicopter is one of the most diverse and practical tools available for survey and mapping projects. As an aerial platform, it can be utilized for “low and slow” scientific, biological, utility, infrastructure, construction status, ecological study and data gathering. Biologists utilize helicopters for fish and wildlife studies and census surveys. Thousands of acres or hundreds of miles of river drainages can be covered in a day benefitting the customer both with efficiency and cost effectiveness. High resolution video systems, still cameras and LIDAR technology can be attached to our airframe to be used as a stable platform to gather sensitive data. Power Utility, Oil and Gas, Seismic and Mapping companies all benefit from helicopter platforms.

The helicopter and airplane platform can be used to cruise timber sales, survey bug kill to trees or other environmental damage that may not be visible from the ground.

Uses for the helicopter and airplane in the survey profile include:

  • Property Survey & Mapping
  • LIDAR Mapping
  • DOT Project Survey
  • Fish & Wildlife Animal Census
  • Agency ERAD Support
  • Biological & Ecological Survey
  • Seismic Survey
  • Power Line Patrol & Inspection
  • Pipeline Patrol
  • Right of Way Inspection
  • Timber Survey
  • Wildfire Detection Services



Apex Helicopters will provide you with accurate quotes and be proactive in equipping our aircraft properly the first time to minimize delays and downtime during your project. It is important to allow time prior to your project to be able to test your equipment with our aircraft as well as have a pre-project meeting with our customers to better understand your ultimate needs and timeline.