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Wild Land and Fire Fighting

Apex Helicopters specializes in remote utility operations including fire suppression support. Private, State and Federal agencies contract with Apex to support their fire suppression activities. The use of a helicopter platform in this role greatly improves fire fighters efforts in gathering important information to create and implement fire management plans. Private logging companies and ranchers also utilize our aircraft on their own land to conduct reconnaissance and suppression flights.

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We are currently contracted with the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) on a call when needed basis to support their fire fighting efforts.Uses for our aircraft in the fire suppression support role:


  • ATGS Air Attack Platform (Type 3)
  • HELCO Helicopter Coordinator
  • Remote Site / Spike Camp Crew Transfers
  • Point To Point Crew Transfers
  • Operations Reconnaissance Platform
  • Mountain Top Repeater Support
  • IR Infrared Hot Spot Mapping
  • High Resolution Photogrpahy
  • Fire Line Mapping
  • Natural & Historical Resource Scouting
  • External Load Long Line Cargo
  • Belly Hook Cargo
  • Water Bucket Support


Our aircraft and support equipment are equipped and maintained to USFS / DOI standards. We provide highly experienced pilots with an average flight time of 5000 hours. Most of this time was accumulated in the mountainous utility and fire fighting environment. Our management team and pilots have been in the aviation industry for over 24 years. In addition to pilot experience and skills, it is imperative that those pilots have the top down support from management, both operationally and financially. Because of this vast experience base, understanding of specific customer needs, dedication to superior customer service and focus on true risk mitigation and safety, Apex has gained a positive reputation and grown quickly.

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