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Flight Training


Apex Helicopters provides advanced helicopter flight training.



  • Helicopter Off-Airport & Mountain Course
  • Helicopter External Load Training Course
  • Professional Pilot Program


Apex Helicopters main work is in the charter, photo, film, survey, tour, air taxi and external load aviation markets. This experience enables Apex Pilots to bring back valuable lessons and knowledge to its training program. We pride ourselves in being able to provide above average flight training to our students based on the fact that we teach “scenario based” training from a situation that just might have actually happened that morning!

 When you research a flight school, it is important to visit the actual facility to see if it is going to fit your needs and schedule. There are dozens of great flight schools in this country. Each one having elements that will fit your specific needs. Come to Florence, Oregon and visit us to see if we are a fit for your flight training!